Learner Support

Our learner support team aims to help individuals on the VWG Apprenticeship programme and offers support to them throughout their learning journey. This team believes it is important that learner voices are heard and aims to provide support to apprentices valuing their safety and wellbeing equally as their academic successes. If an apprentice has a learning difficulty or a disability we are able to implement reasonable adjustments in the classroom or for an assessment and potentially alter resources or equipment according to the apprentice’s learning needs. Many of our learners have challenges among them such as Dyslexia, Anxiety, ADHD, ASD and more. The learner support team strives to support every apprentice ensuring they can access the information and support they need to succeed no matter what challenges they may face.

Should any learner require assistance they can contact our learner support team on 07714 674391 or email us [email protected]


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Our trainers and assessor coaches work closely with learners and employers to establish strong, trusting relationships. We continuously assess progress to understand individual learning strengths and barriers, with a focus on creating a positive educational environment that meets the needs of all learners.
We work with each learner to ensure they are working at the appropriate level with the necessary support. Reasonable adjustments, such as additional time, the support of a reader, or a scribe, are available and will be aligned with JCQ regulations and guidance. This support will be ongoing throughout the apprenticeship journey. Our friendly trainers will guide learners towards their chosen qualifications and provide support every step of the way.

Functional Skills

The apprenticeship programme employs a Functional Skills tutor who is solely focused on providing support to learners who require qualifications in Maths and English as part of their apprenticeship programme. These skills are essential and transferable across various aspects of life, work or home. The qualifications are fully accredited, and learners will receive certificates as evidence of their skills.

SEAT Cupra apprentices

Accessibility Guides

Learners and employers can access a variety of Accessibility Guides that are designed to facilitate the adjustment of resources they receive. These guides aim to make it as easy as possible for learners to read and understand the materials they receive.